Introduction to Email Marketing

what is email marketing


Email marketing, though it is restricted for most businesses, is a useful way of promoting your business online and having customers respond. Once your customers have signed up they are to be entered on a list and marketed a special offer or a newsletter. Following this the social contact, from your customers to your account manager, is also restricted, mainly because spam is technically illegal.

What is email marketing?

It is a general term for electronic forms of advertising sent to a large number of people on a direct marketing basis. This method of promoting a product has made the internet into an effective and quick method of targeting your ads at an audience audience far greater than any other form of advertising. The flexibility of email marketing is also very important, where emails are sent to a set amount of people at any one time. One email can be sent for the promotion of a single product for instant success. Email marketing is yet another area of marketing. With the right amount of expertise, you will be able to send an email to a large number of people without incurring any costs.

What to include in email marketing?

As a general rule, you should include these key points or characteristics in every promotion email you send:

1. Date and Time of receipt of the message: In the first instance, and most importantly, you should include the date and time of response to the mail as this will indicate to the recipients that their message actually arrived. Failure to indicate it will not actually be received means that anyone who really wants the message will, for some unknown reason, not open it. Availability of recipients is a basic marketing tool so the person who has firsthand knowledge of the recipient will stand a far better chance of convincing them that they really are interested in what you have to say.

2. Personalization of subject line: Include a personalize subject header to not only help you to stand out from a crowd of generic, or similar messages, but also demonstrate that your message is actually completely relevant to the person who has potentially received it in their inbox. Listing four or five words in the subject can make it almost impossible to stand out and actually be seen by your reader. The subject name should answer the questions how did you get to that email, and also any other questions that may be on your mind.

3. Opt-out when not needed: Once the subscriber has not responded you are not permitted to send them any promotions, buy and messages. You must offer them a choice when they opt-out of receiving further messages. You should only do so when they no longer wish to receive further email from you. You should take this seriously and ensure that you keep in contact with your subscriber on a regular basis. They may even subscribe to a newsletter over time and may grant permission for you to send them a newsletter in return.

4. Opt-out new recipients: You should offer the option of “probation”. You may then send that subscriber a confirmation letter before sending them another promotion. Both confirmation letters and “probation” can result in good results.

5. Opt-out existing recipients: Email marketers should at the very least ensure that they do not send mails to people who have opted out just as a failure to perform this duty could have a negative impact on your overall program.

6. Opt-in: This means that people are available to receive further information on products and services by providing their email address. In all other cases you then need to register the person as a customer, at a later date, either by phone or by e-mail.

7. Conducting market research: All email marketers should conduct some type of market research before sending a marketing message. This could be information about feedback, and CPA market trends that reflect your products and services. This type of information can also be useful when developing a new product or simply promoting an existing product and service.

8. Identifying the target market: You must identify who would be most interested in the products and services that you offer. The second thing you must determine is what the target market is – existing and potential – and what are their interests, trends and preferences. How do you expect to stand out in the market for these products and services if they are your own products? This is a fundamental part of the overall marketing strategy.

9. Building loyalty: Always talk to new customers and serve existing ones with quality and superior service. This will almost always result in a customer recommending the product or service to others, as consumers love to express their satisfaction. The adequate customer service other customers receive will usually result in a loyalty loyalty programme that will encourage further sales.

10. Tracking: Always keep track of the response or purchase transactions that you have achieved as this will provide vital information for further improvement.

Productive Product Titles

Productive Product Titles


The title of your product is often the single most important deciding factor of whether the product is a success or a failure. Make sure it is an honest one or your buyers will not listen and will not buy. So, here is one of the most successful methods to achieve a great graphic title.


This is a little better than saying “save time and money.” It does not sound as if you are lying and thus it will not be an exercise in frustration as far as I’m concerned. So, do double check it for truthfulness.

Think about it carefully and then key in “what’s” in Google. If there is a lot of websites that show up on the first page for that term, buy your product and move on to the next product. Your title should not be more than 3-4 word. If your titles are a little longer than that, don’t spend too much time in finding out why because it can actually hurt.

More than 50% of sales are made on the first page. It does not matter what you are trying to do, but you must first get a title that is right on target.

I normally keep a log of my titles and make notes on what works best and they do work. Of course I will admit that they do not always work but I am a practical man. When I tried a lot of these titles with the biggest lie in the world, they did not work.

Of course there are titles that actually make me stop what I am doing and take the slide. Just a title that simply says you will save time and money will make me stop what I am doing and copy the headline from the most successful title and I will go from the top to the bottom of the page just reading the descriptions. I will not believe you did not literally copy the top title and started putting things at the bottom of the page to be correct.

Reward Yourself

Insert something like, “A Given breaking news alert or home remodeling Sacramento.” This will intrigue the reader and they will then read your description in the future, in the future, because they get great value from the product.

It is called “reward” you because you have taken the time to get to the right product title.

Who Pays?

This is a great question. Also make sure that you use your reader’s problem in the title. This will hook the reader and then they will be looking for what you are promoting.

What About Easy?

Do not say that your product is easy to duplicate. If you are promoting a hot item for example, very easy.


Serious question. If you tell your reader that they can make money in a very easy way, you will lose the majority of them.

You need to be very specific in the product and make sure what you are talking about is true instead of making it up.

In the example above, ” Anything from a job” would not be as good as “never suffer from go by the numbers again”.

You should always think of the reader before and just make sure that you need to use the parts that will interest them.

Proven Methods

When you have built the zeal, and are a smooth engine you might call yourself the “Preferred Money Maker”.

That will make your product attractive to those who enter your product into the search engines and the methods you use to advertise.

If you write something like “Do not fail in multiple opportunities again.” You will truly think more from the reader’s point of view so that you will make a sale. You will think back to this idea and dreams and plan to make success your only goal.

You may be able to mess up but just realize you are only out of your initial investment of time and money into getting the idea on the paper. If you apply these things correctly, you are bound to make a lot of money from your investment.

When you really want to make money on the internet, then you need to have an innovative product. One that is a “New” among products and makes news from the pros especially if you have a marketing strategy that makes a new product stand out and not other peoples.

Give them an edge that no one else has. Talk to them and make money off of them as well as off of the people who think you know what you are talking about. Talk to your readers, not at them.

Keep it a great product. Also make sure that there is an affiliate program that makes you money off of sales!

How to Make Money Online From Branded Items

how to sell branded items online


New people starting out looking for some extra income need products to sell. Affiliate marketers are often offered top quality branded products. This allows you the brand name to sell, and you to make big commissions.

Before you make the decision of selling branded items, here are some questions to ask yourself and investigate.

* Is the item a likely winner?

* Look around your home and see what you have acquired that you no longer want or need, but that is in good condition, fit the needs of the recipient.

* Are you aware about the brand? Were you aware of the brand name when you acquired it?

* Does the offer yield an ongoing, ongoing income stream?

Let’s consider each of these areas in turn.

1- Is the item a likely winner? While it’s a bit of a gamble that you get something you buy, it’s easier to sell if you already own it. Check around the house and you will likely find plenty that are in good shape, but have no use now.

You might know others who got the same item and already have it in their home. Why not bring your price down so they are more likely to buy?

2- Look around your home and see what you have acquired that you no longer want or need, but that is in good shape, fit the needs of the recipient.

I purchased a pair of comfortable feel-good running shoes from Name Brand. I never ran with them but they were a solid performer. They are popular with runners and fit very well with any running outfit.

I’ve sold them on eBay, but this doesn’t carry any additional income stream, since they’re discontinued. This is OK though, since it eliminates the purchase and shipping expense. I did have their parent company contact me with the proceeds from the sale, and I looked into developing a health related product for them. This offer was interested in providing the benefit of potentially higher profits for my work connections.

3- Are you aware about the brand? Were you aware of the brand name when you acquired it?

The name of the brand is often not readily available. But in cases where it is, it’s always worth the effort of some research to verify it online.

For example, I started marketing Miami clothing for my own use with hot items, like prints on T-shirts. I bought T-shirts in colors that didn’t translate well, were often in a remote place, and let me down with the customer service, so I hired a Miami seo expert to help with my marketing.

I was working quickly, yet getting frustrated and neglected customers. For one reason or another, even when I had the item in the mail, it seemed it didn’t do well.

I made sure I had a few friends or family members walk through the door with me to trace the item. At the last memory, I had already destroyed the store cookies my mother gave me, and all the detritus I had on the counter. I didn’t have any of it on my desk, though.

At the last visit, I found it had been brand new and that the company had shipped it out that evening. A surprise.

What has this to do with the development of a cost-effective branded sales program? Much.

When I see offers in my mailbox, I am more likely to buy them if it is a hot item that is in the condition I see listed.

For example, if I look in my mailbox to find information about software, I browse only those that are hot sellers. By the same principle, if you want to find hot product descriptions that are in great condition, learn from the actions of others.

Affiliate marketers often use the companies that post their offers. Are the others that you have shared with you really good?

Four Reasons Why You MUST Use a Squeeze Page

use a squeeze page


If you’ve been in business for any period of time, no matter how small or becoming your own boss is the most rewarding thing you could ever have in this business. However, Internet based businesses know this much already, which is why they have employs a customer service center to conduct independent research and solve customer problems.

However to have the best results from your Internet business, something has to be different from the normal customer service call or problems will just keep coming at the same time. That is why most of the best Internet marketers out there have to use a “Squeeze Page” program to help train and educate their potential customers about what the business is first, why the products and services are chosen and Created, and High Ranking Backlink numbers.

A squeeze page is a page that offers the incentives that populate an overall cheap alternative for people to become a customer and start earning important cash part time. Why do I think this is important? You will never want a “Free Offer” for your customers. Why do I say this? You will NEVER have any opportunity to turn a potential customer into a paying ones and this is not just because a person doesn’t have enough money to pay if they so choose not to.

Most people love something for nothing and courtesy of this phenomenon, your capital would be better spent marketing your products or services as opposed to those absolutely free gifts.

In this article, I will teach you 4 reasons why you MUST use a “Squeeze Page” in your internet based business.

1. Reach your potential customer better ways to succeed with a particular product or service; because a “Squeeze Page” program teaches you how to cook up something that is free of charge but more valuable than the actual product itself because they will sell anything for free. In fact, that’s exactly why they are free, because they give something away for free.

2. A Squeeze Page educates everyone about your “website”. They can log right into your website easily with that Squeeze Page and learn all about you, which makes them more familiar with you and the products or services that you offer. This makes people feel like they already know you and the products or services you offer, because remember the links inside the Squeeze Page take them to your web address.

3. The Squeeze Page will consist in a product or service that people desire and want. Therefore, they will be more incline to click on the link of purchase to learn more about what you are selling.

4. The Squeeze Page will let people select the product they want to take for some kind of a trial offer. That’s why they come to your website and opt in to receive the free product or the free trial version. If it is something they really want and they couldn’t afford, they will go for the tried and true and like them even more. This is what the best marketers do.

The bottom line. The Squeeze Page program allows you to earn extra cash from your internet based business such as love birds for sale or any other businesses online simply because it is an effective way of promoting your products and services, which is crucial for making more money from any online business you own.