Productive Product Titles

Productive Product Titles


The title of your product is often the single most important deciding factor of whether the product is a success or a failure. Make sure it is an honest one or your buyers will not listen and will not buy. So, here is one of the most successful methods to achieve a great graphic title.


This is a little better than saying “save time and money.” It does not sound as if you are lying and thus it will not be an exercise in frustration as far as I’m concerned. So, do double check it for truthfulness.

Think about it carefully and then key in “what’s” in Google. If there is a lot of websites that show up on the first page for that term, buy your product and move on to the next product. Your title should not be more than 3-4 word. If your titles are a little longer than that, don’t spend too much time in finding out why because it can actually hurt.

More than 50% of sales are made on the first page. It does not matter what you are trying to do, but you must first get a title that is right on target.

I normally keep a log of my titles and make notes on what works best and they do work. Of course I will admit that they do not always work but I am a practical man. When I tried a lot of these titles with the biggest lie in the world, they did not work.

Of course there are titles that actually make me stop what I am doing and take the slide. Just a title that simply says you will save time and money will make me stop what I am doing and copy the headline from the most successful title and I will go from the top to the bottom of the page just reading the descriptions. I will not believe you did not literally copy the top title and started putting things at the bottom of the page to be correct.

Reward Yourself

Insert something like, “A Given breaking news alert or home remodeling Sacramento.” This will intrigue the reader and they will then read your description in the future, in the future, because they get great value from the product.

It is called “reward” you because you have taken the time to get to the right product title.

Who Pays?

This is a great question. Also make sure that you use your reader’s problem in the title. This will hook the reader and then they will be looking for what you are promoting.

What About Easy?

Do not say that your product is easy to duplicate. If you are promoting a hot item for example, very easy.


Serious question. If you tell your reader that they can make money in a very easy way, you will lose the majority of them.

You need to be very specific in the product and make sure what you are talking about is true instead of making it up.

In the example above, ” Anything from a job” would not be as good as “never suffer from go by the numbers again”.

You should always think of the reader before and just make sure that you need to use the parts that will interest them.

Proven Methods

When you have built the zeal, and are a smooth engine you might call yourself the “Preferred Money Maker”.

That will make your product attractive to those who enter your product into the search engines and the methods you use to advertise.

If you write something like “Do not fail in multiple opportunities again.” You will truly think more from the reader’s point of view so that you will make a sale. You will think back to this idea and dreams and plan to make success your only goal.

You may be able to mess up but just realize you are only out of your initial investment of time and money into getting the idea on the paper. If you apply these things correctly, you are bound to make a lot of money from your investment.

When you really want to make money on the internet, then you need to have an innovative product. One that is a “New” among products and makes news from the pros especially if you have a marketing strategy that makes a new product stand out and not other peoples.

Give them an edge that no one else has. Talk to them and make money off of them as well as off of the people who think you know what you are talking about. Talk to your readers, not at them.

Keep it a great product. Also make sure that there is an affiliate program that makes you money off of sales!